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Anatomica stands out as a premier medical device distributor in Israel, specializing in cardiac surgery, general surgery, and neurosurgery. Our core focus is on delivering innovative, high-quality products that advance healthcare. With a strong commitment to excellence, we partner with distinguished medical device companies to provide state-of-the-art technology. Our clientele includes HMOs, public hospitals, private health institutions, and individuals. By concentrating on these vital medical domains, Anatomica remains dedicated to enhancing patient outcomes and driving progress in Israeli healthcare.



Restore function with our clinically proven product


  • To correct penile curvature or indentation/hourglass deformity
  • To restore penile length loss occurring from medical conditions or due to prior surgery or trauma
  • To limit loss of erectile function post-prostatectomy
  • Developed in cooperation with Mayo Clinic
  • Invented by a Mayo Clinic Urologist specializing in Men’s Sexual Health


Next Generation Penile Traction Therapy Device

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